It's entirely up to me now...

They are both painted and carpeted. Yes... that is pink, isn't it? I absolutely love the colors already! So what's the hold up? It's my job to stain the trim so Windy's hubby can install it. It's my job to paint the radiator covers (pink of course) and I can put them back... I'm the one who took them off. Really shouldn't put furniture in the rooms until that finish work is done because the furniture is really really heavy - like solid oak... and the drawers don't come out of the dressers... duh! Who's dumb idea was that anyway?

Activity room (or will it be the living room?) needs trim stained and painted too! Not only that, the carpet guy said he could carpet the hearth but it would not look good and would not last. He recommended I have it tiled - so it's not done. (It was tiled originally and I must agree it would look better than carpet.)

My electric fireplace insert is available at a reasonable price at Home Depot but Windy's hubby told me to wait until he caps off my old fireplace chimneys. Meanwhile I have to keep it covered ( notice the old ceiling panel in the insert spot?) so the cats won't spread soot all over the house... and they would if they could get in there!

Then there's the matter of that tile job... will it be done or will it not? I wish people would be straight up with me. I've spent my whole day waiting for two separate people to show up at my house. Guess what!!! Neither showed. Dave tells me what he will and will not do and then he follows through. So does Matt... matter of fact he will be back next week to finish up.

...and finally, I got volunteers!!! I will have helpers next weekend - after the big wedding wingding - or maybe before - to get furniture moved back into my bedroom. Not saying names but it's my other family from the other side of the state. Thank you girl!!! You are my motivation to get my part of the job done this week.

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