Kittens and Corrections..

Happy Halloween!!!
So it really wasn't Mozilla. I think it was just because of how I copied and pasted my entry yesterday. I do have something that looks a bit funkier than it did with Explorer but overall I've decided to abandon Explorer because I was duped into downloading Explorer 7 for Yahoo! Didn't realize what I was doing and I can't find it to get rid of it so now I'll be using Mozilla all the time on this computer.

I promised a kitten picture. Here's one I took Sunday when I cleaned the fish tank. When I went to bed Saturday night I had 5 goldfish - when I woke up Sunday I had 3!!! Had a toilet funeral and decided to change the tank out and clean it up!

The cover on this bowl has holes so the fish are getting air but I put it there for their protection. As you can see, Miss Kitty is relentless in her pursuit of whatever she is pursuing at the moment - in this case my remaining three goldfish!

As you can see these fish are humungous - almost as big as Miss Kitty! Got loads of photos of her with the fish but this was the most precious one of all - and as a bonus it didn't show as much of the mess I was ignoring while cleaning the tank.

She's getting bigger, but still cute as ever! I love her optimistic spirit! Love ya!
Hope you had a nice Halloween celebration. We had a great one here and my son had a terrific time.

What a precious picture indeed. Miss Kitty looks like a really curious and playful kitten.

Sorry to hear about your other goldfish.

How adorable! When i was younger (much), I had a cat that would sit and stare at my beta fish. The fish, being male, would get all sorts of agitated, then the cat would wander off. The cat did this everyday, until one day, the fish stopped freaking out. That was the day the cat tried to eat him.
Cute -
I bought a bowl of goldfish to entertain my cat because she was alone all day.

She made a pointed effort to ignore the fish. If I couldn't stay home, she would accept no substitutes!
Miss Kitty sure is a cutie. How are they all getting along with the addition?
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