Magnitude 6.5 earthquake strikes Hawaii

Heard it on the tv news... here it is on Yahoo! News. Actually the latest news says it's downgraded to a 6.3. Okay, talk to me!!! Should I be worried? Jan, you've experienced earthquakes... how will this affect a donkey ride in Molokai for instance? Should we do something else instead? For some reason a donkey ride along the side of a cliff does not worry me... but earthquakes do!

Googled this map... Click on it to read it better... or go here to see the original.

Totally in another direction... did I mention? Yesterday Miss Kitty was liberated. Yes, the kitten was 'in isolation' - a tiny entrance area with a glass door where she could see but not spread any disease or earmites or fleas to the rest of the kitty family.

I've been bringing her out and holding her! Well yesterday when I let her walk around on my computer desk she got behind some things... knocked them down... scared the heck out of herself and ran off!!! Then and there I decided to release her from her tiny prison... even though her doc wants her separated from them for another week & a half! So I'm bad, what can I say? Sorry Janet!

Miss Kitty is her name - forget that foofoo stuff Sharba suggested. When I hold her and talk to her, Po'Paree just doesn't do it. Her doctor suggested Miss Kitty and was delighted when I told her my decision. Seems she is a big Gunsmoke fan! Remember Miss Kitty? What could be more country than that, eh?

OH! I just posted a photo to sherle's photos. Check it out.... and don't forget to choose 5 of your favorite photos to share at Favorite 5 Fotos!

Earthquakes are nothing to make light of. This one was pretty serious, but I still say don't worry.
Earthquakes are something we have to contend with. I just hope we'll be spared from destructive ones.

Miss Kitty is a cute name.

FOO FOO!!?>?
Smokey Joe sends his regards to the recently liberated Miss Kitty.

Your picture is great. It took me a bit of studying to figure out what it was.
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