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This morning I saw a rather scraggly & pitiful cat run across the back yard. I'm thinking it could be the mother of the little squeaker I rescued yesterday. When I rescued EllieMae a few years back, she had come to me for food & drink... then when I brought her & the kittens into the garage, she hid one, the calico who we later named AmyLou Mae. Do you suppose this latest little calico was moved by her mom? hmmmmmmmm! We had loads of bad weather - rain & cold - since yesterday morning. If that poor mother had more kittens, I doubt they are living now. Why are some people so irresponsible? I can hear thunder rumbling even now as the sun is shining!

Friday afternoon I received a phone call from Home Depot, where I purchased a quote for my new flooring. She told me it's ready for me to come in and discuss. When I asked for the current quote, she gave me an exhorbitant price!!! It was more than double what Sharba's actual price was for a similar sized area. I think the choices I made were based on my inexperience along with the inexperienced (new at the job) employee in the store. Hopefully the same employee will be in the store & we will 'learn' together!!! I've learned a lot all ready.

Tomorrow the kitten will go to the County Animal Control in Midland. I choose Midland because there is a new group called SOS. I'm sure they would not take the kitten from me... but they claim to rescue animals from Animal Control that are scheduled for euthanasia. Kittens usually have a pretty good chance, don't they? I cannot keep this little baby - my four cats will not allow it!

Next week my boat comes out of the water... I hope. Took it for a ride only once this summer... well, I was pretty busy. Part of summer was broken foot recovery time... and part was filled with getting the old remodel project finished. I'm almost there by the way... and tired of sleeping in a single bed off from the kitchen!!! I will get that carpeting in soon... for sure in the bedroom.

A no kill place is good. She's a baby so she should find a new home quickly. I hope they take her. Love ya.
I blew up tonight about pets in the house. My daughter wanted to bring a snake in. I exploded.

At this time I have 1 dog, 4 cats, 3 rats, 1 mouse, 1 bird and 1 fish. The rats and fish belong to my niece and will leave when she goes. But who knows when that will be.

I think I broke a blood vessel screaming NO MORE PETS IN THIS HOUSE! Everybody ran to their corners and is hiding from me. Especially the pets.

I just read an article in the newspaper that the cat shelter is beyond full. Sigh.
Hi Sherle,

It's nice to see that you're the first one to post your MM answers. I like your song of choice. It made me sing as I was reading it. :)

I like pink too but I love the lighter shade more.

I also experienced bad weather last weekend. A super typhoon hit our country and sadly, many were badly affected. I'm happy to let you know that me and my family are safe.

I hope you find a nice home for the kitten. Yes, I think kittens always have good chances of finding homes. Good luck!

Take care,
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