so here's the scoop...

..Today I took the kitten to the veterinarian. Amazingly, she showed no worms - really not normal in kittens that get dropped off or abandoned. She is being treated for ear mites and fleas... passed the feline leukemia blood test... and is being given an antiobiotic 'just in case.' She's already an expensive little critter! I took more photos but haven't put them on my computer yet. Maybe tomorrow.

Taking suggestions for her name. Keep in mind I have a little 'country' theme going here. We have Goober, DaisyMae, EllieMae and AmyLou Mae.

Went back to Home Depot to make some changes in my carpet decisions... trying to get down to something more realistic in price. Was there a couple of hours... I'm happier with the colors I chose... and they are all a bit less expensive. Still don't have a 'bottom line' price. Why should this take so long? Unbelievable!

Jan is back from Alaska... but needs some impetus to get her to put photos up!!! Welcome back, Bug!

Gosh, it doesn't sound like she's going to the shelter!! As for names, I think the "Maes" are of a previous generation. I'll be thinking! Love ya!
I had a couple of animals when we lived down south - Emma Lou and Sadie Lou.

Great names.
Just returned from New York! What a city that is! Good experience, but.......... I'm not a big city gal. walking is definitely my favorite mode of travel in that city.
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