A bit of 'my' Hawaii...

Susan caught this dramatic shot on our mule ride voyage on the island of Molokai. That's Jan to left in foreground and me just in front of one of our guides. She must have actually stopped her mule to take this picture because I took - like - zillions of shots but none this good. It is not what you would call a really smooth ride. Suffered no aches, bumps or bruises though, so does that mean I'm a natural with the mule?

The entire ride was this dramatic. Yes that's the ocean out there! The scenery is gorgeous, the plant life is diverse and beautiful. The company was delightful - fellow tourists and tour guides alike.

I would not trade one moment of that fantastic trip for anything!

....and I promise more photos to follow. I'm feeling much better - the cold has become almost 'normal' meaning that I sneeze just like anybody else without having a coughing fit... and I'm out and about getting things done... but not gonna push it, I promise!

Nice shot! Thanks for posting it Mom. Love you.
Hi Sherle. It is always great to read your posts and see your great pictures...
Wow! Looks treacherous! I'm so glad you had such a great time! Love ya! L came home last night. She had a GREAT 1st term. More of that on my blog!
That looks like a very challenging route. I've never been on a mule before. I'm sure it was an exciting experience. Glad you had a wonderful time.

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