My last post was...... WHEN???

A casual look at my slippers one morning... and what is it? Miss Kitty has a toy mouse that she absolutely loves!!! Was I EVER glad it wasn't a real mouse.

A couple of days later she actually caught a real one!!! What can I say, I live out in the country and field mice love to move on up to 'house' mice. Yup, the little twerp is only five+ months old and already the mouser of the house!

She is a bundle of activity - in constant motion! See her almost hanging off the Christmas tree? I put it up last minute and took it down as soon as possible after our Christmas get-together! Little Miss Kitty tried like crazy to detach the bottom branches... and yes, she actually does rest occasionally. Of course she prefers serving as centerpiece on the dining room table!

...and just last Friday she had to stay overnight at her doctor's place. Yup, I had her fixed and ya know... she wasn't even broke! The most difficult part is post-op. She had to wear a collar the first night because I couldn't stop her from trying to bite off the stitches. It slowed her down but not much!

So what have I been doing in my 'spare' time? Well one thing was a big ol' update on my website at salascove. Been wanting to do it for a long time and just decided the time is now. Let me know what you think of it.

Another thing I've been wanting to do... getting involved in the stock market again. Just a little bit... it's sort of my 'recreational fund' so it's okay.It's really fun and I've really missed it... having quit 'playing' after September 11, 2001 when everything crumbled.

Hey! did you know there's another 26 Things challenge? I guess there was one in November too but I missed that one. I guess I'm not on the mailing list anymore. Anyway, it looks like a good one! I just might try it. How about you?

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Miss Kitty is just beautiful. And it looks as if she's even paying her way.

she definitely is a cutie! What a beautiful center piece she makes too. love you Mom - jancie
Time for me to get back to the blog too! I think I'll wait for summer to try a "26 things", though. Love ya!
I know it's time for me to start blogging again, and updating a lot of my other sites too. You may just have given me the inspiration I needed, Mom. I like what you've done to Salascove so far. I know I want to get back into this, so why haven't I??? I don't know...

I'm off today due to snow, so maybe after lunch I'll sit here for the afternoon and see what I can come up with. I think I'll try 26 Things too. I don't know about Monday Madness anymore. What do you think?

Love you!! =)
Cute kitty! We've had cats that climbed up inside our live Christmas trees in the past.
Thanks for sharing your stories about Miss Kitty. She must have good instincts to have caught a mouse at a young age.
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