They're my questions so I'd better not delay...

OttO's Monday Madness this week:

This week's questions come from one of our very FAITHFUL
participants (and she happens to be my mother), sherle. Thanks,
Mom! =)

1. Do you make New Year's resolutions? If so, what is your most
important one? Yes, sort of... This year I've vowed to use the phone lots more often!!! After all, friends and family are only a few numbers away. I think I don't use the phone often because using the phone was a very important part of my jobs over the years... so I sort of avoided it.

2. Easter is coming. Many Christians give up something for Lent.
Do you give something up for any reason (or season)? What is it
this year? Grades 6-12 I attended a Christian school and always gave something up for Lent and Advent. Sort of did so raising my kids but only during their younger years. Of course my church used to require certain food restrictions during some seasons, so this made it easier to do. I think this year I will reinstate some of the food restrictions for myself because they are healthy habits anyway!These restrictions include no eating between meals and no meat on certains days.

3. Do you watch the Super Bowl? If so, do you watch it with a
group? If not, what do you do while the game is on? Anything
special? NO.. haven't been a sports fan since highschool but when the husband was alive I would sort of get interested in who was winning and losing. Neither of us ever really felt it necessary to watch the whole thing or make a party of it however... usually just tuned in now and again to see what was happening. I continue that tradition. I'll probably watch some movies I've saved on Moxie/DVR.

4. Would you miss Monday Madness if it stopped permanently? YES!!! Don't stop please!!!!
5. Name at least one theme for MM questions. Share at least one
question for that theme. Here are a few: Pets, Phobias, Habits - bad or good, Hobbies, Fears, Joys, Siblings, Relationships, Holidays, Blue Days, Traditions, Memories - childhood or whatever, blah blah blah... didn't know I'd think of so many and I'm sure there are more. Okay, blue days... What makes you feel blue and how do you overcome it... or do you just suffer?

Keeping in touch with family and friends more often is a worthwhile resolution.

During lenten season, my family abstain from eating meat particularly during Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.

Great theme suggestions. I like your questions about what makes you blue. Looking forward to that one.
Good mix of questions this week - thanks for putting them together for us! I think the others you came up with sounded good too. =)
Excellent questions, and excellent answers, Mom! Thanks for sharing. Also, you came up with more good topics. I'll have to copy them.

Stay warm!!! Love you!
I don't enter this room often enough, so I've neglected my blog surfing. Love you Mom - great Q & A - i will get back involved hopefully it will encourage Otto to keep it.
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