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Omigosh! I'm an addict! For all my complaints about the Anna Nicole publicity I just realized the truth! My favorite news station is covering the court proceedings almost constantly. Today I sorted laundry... three loads and I want to get it all done today. I just realized the addiction when it was time to take a load out of the washer... I actually considered Tivo-ing the trial so I wouldn't miss any of it!

Yes, I did turn it off yesterday... but partly because I have some favorites on HGTV... at least until I get some redecorating and remodeling completed. So far today I just don't want to miss a thing. Good heavens... some days my life seems like a soap opera but this story becomes more mesmerizing as it progresses! No, I will not Tivo it.

Yes, I am afraid! Of what? Oh, didn't I mention? I just learned about a new medical condition. It's called Barrett's Esophagus. Never heard of it before... never heard of GERD... rarely have heartburn.... and I feel absolutely great!!! Had heartburn during pregnancy and recently started having it on a regular basis after taking Fosamax for osteoporosis. Yes, I am aware that Prilosec, a treatment for Barrett's Esophagus, is known to weaken the bones. Yes, my primary physician has already taken corrective action... changing my osteoporosis medication and strongly advising to take the Prilosec!

Why am I afraid? She has impressed on my mind that Barrett's Esophagus is a precancerous condition. Now I've just read in the above mentioned website:
'Surprisingly, as many as 40% of patients who are diagnosed with an esophageal adenocarcinoma (Barrett's associated cancer) deny ever having typical heartburnor GERD symptoms, such as burning chest pain or regurgitation of acid.'
Okay, so I'm afraid but will not dwell on it. I feel great and will conscientiously follow doctor's orders and do everything in my power to maintain my health.

I'm superstitious! A year or two ago an environmental extremist weirdo female advised me that I should not go around 'bragging about my good health in public'. Since then my husband died and two of my family pets have died. Logic tells me it's coincidence. Short of poisoning our food or drink, that witch has no way to cause ill health in my household!

I'm religious! I pray and ask for your prayers as well.

I'm an optimist! I honestly believe I am as healthy as I feel. I believe maintenance is important in life... be it your home, your car, or most of all your own body!

I dislike housework of all kinds, including laundry! ...so I save it up, do it in one day and get it out of my way until it really needs it again.

Also, sounds like I'm self-centered! Hmmm! Perhaps I am. I do know, however, that in order to love others one must love oneself... and I think I do. Since my best friend, my spouse, died, I need to be my own best friend... and so I am.

1:19 PM 2/22/2007
Talk about drama! One of the lawyers just collapsed in the courtroom. Turns out he's diabetic and needed sustenance. Judge just announced he wants to wrap up testimony today because he wants to announce his decision tomorrow! ...and this is just to determine who gets custody of the body! I can hardly wait for the parental custody portion. Hope that judge is dramatic as this one!

Tell me... am I 'normal'?

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Yup. I'd say you're normal. I just attended a jewelry party and the Anna Nicole saga was the main topic of conversation.
Yup....I'd say your one of the normal ones. I know these things! S

btw....I like how you deal with changes. always feel free to call me. luv, s
Mom, normal? I don't know! Am I ? I'm your daughter afterall - love you bunches - keep positive thoughts! dwell on the positive - i believe you generally do, but i just want to emphasize its (the positive) importance. love you bunches!
methinks I'm about as normal as any of my favorite folk! ;-)
As normal as most, I'd say! I can't believe I haven't read this until today. Sorry! Very interesting reading, too.

Love you! =)
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