Sharba has new pix at Sharba's Pix! She also posted on her blog! Hmmm! Why can't Jan get on her old version? (Jan, contact me! I sent you an email about that.) OttO posted a new one about a month ago & somehow I missed that until this morning... duh! me! If you've not seen it yet, she has a great night shot of workers replacing a power pole after an icey motor mishap (not hers)... check it out! Maybe it will motivate her to get blogging again. ;-)

I visited Natalie's blog earlier and read about the accident. I'm so glad nobody got hurt and the power was restored immediately.
Mom, I can't get into my comments, or otto's comment. Do you have any ideas?
Howdy! The ctrl key did the trick! I tried to do the new blogger thing but had trouble. Since you set up my account before I was on a verizon e-mail account and you did the password, the problem is probably in there somewhere. I call you! Happy happy birthday!!! Love ya!
Sorry I haven't been blogging much. Will get back tomorrow!!!
Happy Easter, Mom! See you later today. =)
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