been busy...

This morning's quote - "The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it."
-- Chinese proverb

that is so true..... The older I get the more I feel like there is ALWAYS a way. Sometimes you just have to consider the cost for 'the way', and cut your losses. But I agree....... at least give it 150% before you play the uncle card. Luv ya'

know who this is??????
Hi Sherle! I've moved!

Thanks for sharing this inspiring quote. Sometimes, we should really let other peolle experience life and have their own chance to discover things on their own.
I agree with both mom and foggy - love yas too

I have to be an "other" evidentally I don't know my own password. I'm sure if it was changed, I wrote it down. just don't feel like going upstairs right now.
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