I had a great Mother's Day...

Heard from some and enjoyed visits with others... all in all none of my beautiful six daughters missed it! I will be visiting my mom today (she didn't want me to stop by on Sunday). Don't ask - she's 91 and deserves to do it any way she wants to!

Now here's my Monday Madness. Natalie (OttO), you outdid yourself this time. The questions concern something I'm a bit opinionated about, so here are my answers:

1. Which web browser do you prefer? I use MSIE7, MSIE6 and Firefox. I prefer MS internet explorer 6 best because i'm most comfortable with it. Microsoft made it too safe in MSIE7 - so safe that it's too time-consuming to use. Using Firefox sometimes to get used to it... because Microsoft, unfortunately just becomes bulkier and bulkier and i'm losing tolerance for all of the new products!

2. Are you a PC user or MAC user? PC but might have to go over to the more expensive MAC in future. Don't like all that overhead built into Microsoft products. If I decide to stay with PC - am trying to learn more about Linux - especially the newest version - Ubuntu (http://www.ubuntu.com/).

3. Will your next computer purchase happen within the next year (do you think)? I hope not!!! I like the ones I have - except maybe... just maybe..... a bigger notebook some day.

4. Will you purchase your next computer at a local store or via the internet? Whereever i can find the best deal.

5. Have you had any experience with Windows Vista? Not personally but as recently past president of a computer club i had a fullblown legal Vista OS when it first came out. Couldn't even give it away to any of our members. Have since given it to a nephew who might try it when he builds himself a new computer.

6. What are your feelings about this new operating system (if any)? All based on reviews by friends in a computer club...

What was the question again?

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Thanks for the sharing on #6. I guess there are still a lot of "bugs" with Vista that Microsoft has to tweak or improve along the way which is what usually happens anyway. :)
Thanks Lynn! Ooooops! Forgot to mention... you can use an emulator to make Linux compatible with MS programs and there is an open source alternative to MS Office. ;-)
I agree with Lynn about #6. My father-in-law just bought it and is planning to install it soon.

Mine are posted here
Now I remember who told me about Firefox - I've got such a smart Mommy :)
Great answers, and informative too! Thanks for playing, Mom. Have a wonderful week and will see you soon, I hope! =)
Good afternoon Sherle, Always enjoy checking you out and all the Happy Birthdays with your six daughters! I did not know you had a 91 year old Mother. Tell her she need to stat BLOGGING. She only 6 years older than I?
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