It's Cinco de Mayo...

Have a good one! Today a friend told me it doesn't matter so much who reads her blog... it's therapeutic. Know what? That's the way I used to be... and now it's not so much fun. Why? I think I started writing to get other bloggers to come and leave comments.

No more! It's back to basics for this lady. Some days may be different than the old days BFD (Before Frank Died) - but they are days nonetheless - they are my days - and by golly, I'm gonna make the best of it.

I went to a meeting Thursday. We call them 'dioxin meetings'. The chemical company and the state government regulatory people are working together to clean up a chemical they couldn't even find in such tiny amounts a century ago when it all started. I don't attend those meetings to make sure they're doing it right. They know what they are doing. I attend because I find it therapeutic! I attend because there's a gang of bullies who want to get something for nothing from the giant company. I attend because those bullies want to drag me and my neighbors along with them by claiming they represent all of us. I attend to represent me and the majority of my neighbors!

Now I'd better go over to TRVoice & blog about that meeting. If you happen to stop by there, don't think ill of me - I plan on using that last paragraph to get the thing going. I think my writer's block just got unblocked!

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Hey, I agree with your friend. I blog for the sheer therapy of it. Of course I love getting comments. Nothing better than getting input or sympathy, or whatever ones blog leads the commenter to leave. Sometimes you just need to write things down. It makes you feel better somehow. So write away, right away!
Thanks, foggy! Can you guess who that friend might be? It could be that friend is also a relative! ;-)
Now I agree with you that cleaning something up is a good thing. But as I read the TRV all I kept thinking about was all the effort that is going into cleaning out the river when there is no visible adverse affects from the pollution while autism continues to grow in our youth. We need a strong force of individuals to get the public to force the AMA to take a cold hard look at the thimerasol in the MMR vaccine and its affects on children. How sad it is to take a healthy young mind and turn it into a mental prison just because of shots that are administered to 'protect' that child. Autism now affects 1 in 150 children reports the US CDC (reference http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autism).
I'm a little late visiting. Cinco de Mayo is past. We had some Mexican rice with our dinner that night. That's the best I could do. After all, I only had 1 years' notice.

Have a great week.
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