my monday madness update...

1. Currently, what television commercial is your least favorite? 'Head on!!!'

2. And which commercial is your most favorite? hmmm - do you mean the least obnoxious? I guess I usually don't watch the commercials actually.

3. Of the sitcoms that are on during "prime time" how many do you watch on a regular basis? Please share. The only one i set my DVR for is - 'Til Death' and 'Ugly Betty'. A real time must watch is Desperate Housewives. There are others i watch whenever i can including - 2-1/2 Men, Adventures of Old Christine & whatever others might be on when there's nothing else to watch.

4. Is there a television series that you enjoy watching that is ending this season? Not that I'm aware of.

5. Is there any type of program you'd like to see more of on television? Comedies & Comic Dramas (like Monk).

6. Is there any type of program you'd like to see less of on television? Not really. If I don't like it, I don't watch it.

7. Is there a series that is no longer aired that you wish would come back? None I can think of.

8. Do you watch re-runs of anything on television? Yes, if they are not reruns to me. ;-)

...and now..... what's the latest? 1 - Foggy is back!!! Go visit her. We want to keep her blogging! You'll find her at http://foggybloggy.blogspot.com - & she's a busy one! Been blogging regularly - not like yours truly.

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Thanks for the plug! I like the interaction. Way more fun than a one way dialogue. However....sometimes its pretty therapeutic to just do a brain dump. BTW - As I read your replies to MM I see that we have a lot in common. Monk was a show I wished I had caught so it will be a good one to catch on reruns. The sitcom question I almost answered the same as you but then I didn't because I don't watch them regularly. Well.... Luv Ya'
My son loves watching commercials especially those with nice jingles and children in them. I'm amuzed whenever he mimicks commercials.
I'm not hearing from you Granni. Now I'm looking for blog interaction. Remember, I'm coming off MySpace :)
I know I've sent Otto lots of questions for her Monday Madness meme, but I didn't realize that I just kept recycling the same ones over and over again. I don't care for you calling be a b***h behind my back either.
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