Now I know...

...the best reason to TIVO Letterman! Today I played two nights of David Letterman Latenight while folding laundry and other mundane tasks around the house - without zapping through the commercials. I would guesstimate that at least a half hour of each hour is commercials. If I tried watching it real time I'd probably fall asleep during the first set of commercials.

Hey kids! Go visit Foggybloggy - and don't forget to leave a message. She blogs more regularly than any of us. Go, Patti!!!

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I'm glad you got on the Tivo band wagon. I knew you'd love it. It sets you FRRREEEE (okay - unless you have so many things Tivo'd you get into Tivo bondage). But then I guess there's alway - 'Keep until More space needed' :)

Thanks for the plug on my Foggy Blog. I guess I was spending so much time on 'My Space' , now that I killed the account I have more time to talk to those I love. (there were some family and close friends on my space, but they didn't really use it regularly).
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